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 Pupil of the Week

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Supported Study

Please find below the Study Masterclass Timetable available in the department during study leave.









Mr Wilson

Administration & IT



Mrs Rattray

Business Management



Mrs Russell

Computing Science



Ms Rossborough (wc 25th April)

Mr Campbell (wc 3rd May)

Ms Rossborough (wc 9th May)

Mr Campbell(wc 16th May)

Mr Rossborough (wc 23rd May)




Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

Period 6










H&N5 BM – Mr Argo (P2)

Miss Robertson (P3)






N5 & H ADM – Mr Argo (P3) and Mrs Rattray (P4)

H Accounts – Mr Wilson


AH Computing – Mr Campbell

H Accounts – Mrs Russell

H Computing – Ms Rossborough




H Admin – Mrs Rattray (P3) and Mr Wilson (P4)


N5&H Computing

Ms Rossborough/Mr Campbell




H & N5 Admin – Mr Argo



AH BM – Mrs Russell



S1 Enterprise Club


Share the Clothes

The S1 group have recently hosted an event, Share the Clothes, reselling preloved clothes within the school. The group accepted donations, organised the clothes and resources required and then hosted the event in the school. The sustainable business idea worked well and the group worked amazingly. The profits and unsold clothes have been donated to the local Salvation Army. Fantastic efforts!

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Christmas Baubles 

The S1 group have previously worked really hard coming up with a business idea for Christmas and put a lot of effort in to making sure the stall ran smoothly. In the lead up the ideas and communication between the pupils was great, and the confidence when selling to their peers was also amazing. The group made a profit which is impressive for their first venture, and will be beginning the 10X Challenge by Young Enterprise and Young Money in the following weeks.

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                                    The Challenge


It's OK to not be OK

 Miss Robertson and Miss Ward are aiming to provide support and an open space for pupils to discuss their feelings, emotions and coping mechanisms of dealing with mental health. This space allows pupils to suggest how to improve your mental health and recommended strategies to use. This inclusive environment welcomes any person and their emotions.

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 Are you interested in a career in Law, Finance or Politics?

InvestIN are offering an amazing weekend masterclass for young people to gain invaluable experience in these fields. Find out more information below! Downwards arrow


Future Asset - Investment Competition

 6 of our S6 girls have taken part in this challenge. They have worked with a mentor

 Dean Young, CFA

Investment Director

Chartered FCSI & Chartered Wealth Manager

Rathbone Investment Management Limited

They have had a face to face meeting with their mentor, in addition to emailing and holding remote meetings.

Future Asset have provided a number of online help sessions including: working as part of a team, presenting, body language, preparing business reports and researching organisations.

The girls had to choose a business to invest in, prepare a report highlighting why this is a great company to invest in and also create a 3-minute pitch to convince judges that “Dexcom” is the best choice. They met their deadline, which was at the start of this month and will hear if they have won any prizes in January.

ImageFuture Asset | Working with high school girls and the world of investment