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Dunfermline High School


Important Dates

N5 English Exam

Tuesday 7th May 2024

National 5 English

The National 5 English course challenges pupils to use all of the skills they've developed in the BGE English and Literacy curriculum and take them to the next level.

It gives them the opportunity to:

  • Study a selection of texts from classic and modern literature.
  • Analyse the different ways in which language can be used.
  • Consider their own views about the world.
  • Think creatively.

How is the course structured?

There are four key components.

National-5-English (ID 1108)


  • RUAE
  • Scottish Set Text
  • Critical Essay
  • Writing Portfolio



What does the final exam involve?

Pupils complete two exam papers.

Paper 1: Reading for Understanding Analysis and Evaluation.

  • 1 hour to complete.

Paper 2: Critical Reading

  • 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.
  • Section 1 is Scottish Set Text
  • Section 2 is Critical Essay.

What do RUAE and SST stand for?

RUAE stands for Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation.

SST stands for Scottish Set Text.

Do you run any study support sessions?

We run departmental study support sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Pupils may also arrange additional study support time with their individual teachers. 

Where can my child access additional revision materials?

All pupils have access to Microsoft Teams through their Glow dashboard. Their class Teams page will contain lesson materials and additional resources to support their revision.

There are also a number of websites in the 'Useful Links' section below with helpful materials for the four different course components.


Useful Links

Glow - Click to be redirected to the Glow login page. Pupils can access their Glow dashboards and access their class Teams page as well as Satchel One.

SQA - Click to be redirected to the SQA National 5 English page. This contains additional course documentation as well as links to past papers and sample exam answers.

BBC Bitesize - Click to be redirected to the National 5 BBC Bitesize site. It contains lots of useful revision resources for all four aspects of the N5 course.