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Dunfermline High School

National 5

Pupils will gain an understanding of Physics and develop this through a variety of approaches, including practical activities, investigations and problem solving. 

Pupils will research topics, apply scientific skills and communicate information related to their findings, which develops skills of scientific literacy.

The course content includes the following areas of physics:


  • wave parameters and behaviours
  • electromagnetic spectrum
  • refraction of light.


  • nuclear radiation.


  • electrical charge carriers
  • potential difference (voltage)
  • Ohm’s law
  • practical electrical and electronic circuits
  • electrical power.

Properties of matter

  • specific heat capacity
  • specific latent heat
  • gas laws and the kinetic model.


  • vectors and scalars
  • velocity–time graphs
  • acceleration
  • Newton’s laws
  • energy
  • projectile motion.


  • space exploration
  • cosmology.