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Dunfermline High School

Course Outlines for National 3/4/5 Social Subjects


National 5


The N5 course offers a challenging spectrum of employability focussed units of work. Each topic focusses on a different area of industry application such as renewable energies, land use management, meteorology and weather prediction, town planning and civil engineering, population growth, climate sustainability and map making.


There is a curricular fieldwork trip to Edinburgh where we take an open top bus tour and then do an environmental quality study, unfortunately, a small cost is attached to this for non FSM pupils. 


The course is a blend of numeracy and literacy skills. There is less emphasis upon longer essay responses and more on data handling, graph interpretation, map work and usage of scientific vocabulary.


The course also covers more 'traditional' elements such as understanding how the British landscape was formed and general Geographical knowledge and awareness.


Click here to see the Social Subjects Website's dedicated page for N3-5 Geography - you can preview all of our lessons and topics and inform your decision as to whether Geography is a subject you are interested in.


Click here to watch a short video on the course


 The N5 course offers a challenging spectrum of employability focussed units of work and will focus on three areas, Scottish, British, and European and World history. 


  • The Scottish unit - The Era of the Great War 1900 – 1928 
  • The British unit - The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1770 – 1807 
  • The European & World unit - Free at Last? Civil Rights in the USA, 1918 - 1968 


The course is a blend of literacy and numeracy skills. There is an emphasis upon written responses and investigating and analysing source materials. 

The course encourages and promotes key employability skills, for example working collaboratively, debating, and evaluating key events within history. 

Modern Studies

 The National 5 Modern Studies course studied at Dunfermline High School in S4 covers three units which are assessed by the final exam.

These are Democracy in Scotland, Crime and the Law and World Power: The USA. Whilst undertaking these key units’ pupils will learn three key enquiry skills conclusions, option/choice and support/oppose questions. Pupils will also compliment these skills by learning structured KU answers following the PEE structure. Both of these types of questions are embedded throughout the whole course.

The course is designed to provide pupils with key employability skills such as analysis, synthesis of argument and presentation skills.

Modern Studies links to many great jobs and areas of further study such as journalism, the law, the police, teaching, politics, phycology and many more exciting opportunities.


There are 3 units within this N3-5 RMPS course:  

World Religion: Pupils will learn to understand Jewish belief in practice and what it means to live as a Jew in the modern world.   

Morality and Belief: Religion and Justice in modern day Scotland, arguments for and against the death penalty.   

Religious & Philosophical Questions: Explores the existence of Evil and Suffering in the world, from a religious and non-religious context. 


RMPS promotes key employability skills including analysis, debate and evaluation, and is useful for courses of study and roles which work with others such as police, nursing, social work, teaching and law. 


Go to the Social Subjects Faculty's own website to see examples of topics and resources used in N3-5 RMPS.