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Dunfermline High School

Our Learners Pathway

S1-3 BGE


 In S1 ICT your will learn how to enhance your presentation skills through PowerPoint, as well as developing your skills for Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets and Databases. There is also an opportunity to try out your programming skills by using pivot. 

S2 Business

Investigate famous entrepreneurs and think of an idea for a new business yourself. You will also learn about managing money and put your skills to a test by managing a band. 

S2 Computing

S2 Computing you will learn about coding.  This is an essential skill in the modern job market and will be developed through fun activities with Scratch and Microbit.

S3 Computing Science

S3 Computing gives learners the opportunity to learn about databases and web programming in addition to more work on coding with languages like Python and Visual Basic. We also study games design. 

S3 Accounting

In life it is really important that you have good financial skills. In Accounting you will learn about how to prepare financial statements that help keep track of money. This includes Budgeting, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Calculating Profits.

S3 Administration & IT

 This Course is designed for those who are interested in administration and practical uses of IT and want to develop their Administrative and IT skills further. In S3 Administration & IT you will learn  IT skills that will help you plan business events such as music festivals, weddings and sporting events. 

You will develop a range skills, including the ability to use the following IT applications: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and desktop publishing; and the ability to use technology, including the internet, for electronic communication and investigation which will help your whole school performance.

S3 Business

No matter what job you get when you leave school you are going to work in business. In S3 Business Management you learn about how a small business to a large multinational business operates. You will also learn about the different skills and ventures that famous entrepreneurs such as Alan Sugar and Richard Branson did to create a business and be as successful as what they are today.

Senior Phase

N5 and Higher Accounting

Develop your financial skills and decision making skills in communicating essential financial information, in a variety of presentation formats, to various stakeholders and organisations. 

N5 and Higher Administration and IT

Develop your problem solving skills by working through tasks on word processing, publisher, powerpoint, spreadsheet and database packages which help you organise a real event. You will also learn about how an office operates.  

All jobs require you to have excellent IT skills. You will learn these skills in Administration & IT and this will help you throughout school and help you get the job you want.

N5 and Higher Business Management

Learn about how different stakeholders influence a business and about the pressures a business goes through. Also how to set a price for a product and promote a product. You will also learn about the importance of treating staff well and how best to train them along with how to make a product and check that is its of a high quality. You will also develop your literacy and communication skills to make you more employable.  

N5 and Higher Computing

Learn about coding and software development, databases, web programming and systems.  These courses go into progressively greater depth and detail and are geared towards the demands of the workplace. Within Higher Computing Science learners will experience workshops, group activities and teacher led demonstrations, giving them the essential skills associated with computational thinking. 

Advanced Higher Business Management

Learn content that you could study at University like how multinational organisations operate and the ethical practice that goes on in organisations today along with  how ICT is used in today’s business world. You will also learn about different educational theorist that help motivate workers.

Advanced Higher Computing

Integrates the three major themes in the course – software, web and database by focusing on major web technologies like SQL, PHP and web server coding. We also look at the theory and application of object-oriented programming which is how most modern software is created.