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Dunfermline High School

Awards Ceremony 2022

On 9th June 2022 we held our annual Awards Ceremony in Dunfermline High School.

The full programme can be viewed below along with the main event photos, photos of the individual award winners, the presentation and some videos from throughout the ceremony.

2022 programme.pdf

Event Video

The following Dunfermline High Award Ceremony 2022 video was recorded to give parents and carers of award winners, the opportunity to view the live event. The clip includes ‘Achievement’ presentations, live music performances and the main prize giving ceremony hosted by Mr Yuile, Mr McLeod and Mrs Ferguson. Huge thanks to Mrs Roberts, musicians Leah Burgess and The Shand Family. To the Expressive Arts faculty, technicians, pupils Ellie Mitchell, Mackenzie MacNeil and Tess Brown for their technical expertise during the event. And finally, to Faith Jefferies for photographing the prize winners and editing the final video attached .


Main Event Photos

 Individual Award Winner Photos

Main Event Presentation 

22 awards ceremony.pdf

Musical Performances